North Liberty, Iowa
Schmuck'd up

Schmuck'd Up Supply Co. Small Batch Beard Oil, Beard Balm, and Body Balm.

The Backstory of the Beard Balm

About Me

My name is Joe Schmuecker and I’m the creator of Schmuck’d Up Beard Balm.  My wife and I are both Emergency Department nurses and We have two beautiful little girls.  

The why behind

In our department we are required to wear black scrubs.  I was constantly having to lint roll my chest because of all of the beardruff that would collect.  I started using oils and balms which helped resolve most of the issue.  If you have ever bought balm or beard oil you know its pricey.  I would spend $30-$40 on products.  I did some research and created my own formula and decided to go all natural as most of the good stuff is refined in commercial products.  I created my first batch for myself and let a couple of my friends try it out.  Next thing I know I sold over 200 tins in a month and have had awesome feed back.  And now, here we are!

The process

When I say small batch beard balm I literally mean small batch.  I make 4 oz. at a time which equals 2 tins.  I do this to keep the consistency of the mixture for each tin.  No two tins are the same but I still try to keep them as close as possible.